Atelier Madagascar handles the production and directly imports of high-quality Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar, especially vanilla pods, vanilla powder and vanilla extract.

It is also involved in the production and direct import and sale of spices from Madagascar, including dill, anise, bay roses, cinnamon (sticks and powder), cloves, kaffir lime, coriander, cumin, turmeric, masala, fenugreek, nutmeg (whole with shell and powdered), black pepper, whole pili pili, seasme, voatsperifery (wild pepper in grains and powder), ginger.

Atelier Madagascar also handles spices from other countries of origin, like pimentón from Spain, Dijon mustard, and cardamom from Guatemala.


It also manages the import and sale of a wide range of world salts: Pink Salt from the Himalayas, Red Salt, Black and Green Salt from hawaii, Pyramidal Cyprus Salt, Blue Persian Salt, Grey Breton Salt, Australian Murray River Pink Salt, Fleur De Sel from Bali, Maras Salt from Peru, Mediterranean Smoked Salt, Fleur De Sel

from Portugal, Purple Salt from India, Trapani Salt and Fleur De Sel from Madagascar.


Atelier Madagascar also specialises in the import and sale of saffron, particularly Iranian saffron (in stigmas and powder) and Moroccan saffron (in stigmas and powder).


Range of Products

Atelier Madagascar's main asset is possessing a vast range of spices, from vanilla to wild pepper, coriander, organic Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar, to medicinal herbs such as gotu kola from Madagascar to sundew and many more.


Our spices are available in different types of packages, from wholesale to retail (jars and vials), vacuum-packed (100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg) or loose (1kg, 5kg, 10kg) depending on the customer's needs.

Quality Control

All our spices are subject to rigorous controls on their origin, even dried spices.

We work with leading government-approved laboratory companies, and provide technical specifications for our products.


Thanks to an internal optimization process, Atelier Madagascar can expedite orders within 2-3 days of receiving the request. We send goods to Italy and overseas by Mail Boxes Etc., who provide assistance and logistical support for a quick solution to any issues and a shipment tracking service.

Direct service

Atelier Madagascar also directly manages its relationships with its customers, organizing amateur courses aimed at promoting our products though taster sessions, as spices also have special healing properties.

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