The company SA.VA., which was handed down over four generations, grew up in Italy in 2004 and for ten years has worked on the Italian and foreign markets.

More specifically, we are the producers and direct importers of Bourbon Vanilla and Madagascan spices.

Our company is distinguished by its inextricable bond with the homeland Madegascan region of Sava, home to the best vanilla plantation worldwide.

Our company's founder is Edith Elise Jaomazava, who in 2010 was awarded the title of "First Immigrant Entrepreneur of the Year" by Moneygram, and received the title of "innovation". This passion soon became her metier, and today the company serves the best ice cream parlours, patisseries and prestige Italian and international cooking schools.

The business grew rapidly following the 2010 awards, through an increasingly intensive marketing of products from the land of origin, a process that has help improve the quality of life of my family and cultivator partners in Madagascar.

I recently founded a cooperative for single mothers, to provide them with work so that they could rediscover their autonomy and dignity.

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