SA.VA. Import/Export

For four generations, SA.VA has handled the import and export of spices, vanilla and salts from all over the world on the Italian and foreign markets. SA.VA., which acts for the company, today works alongside Atelier Madagascar in Turin, the spice boutique dedicated to retail and to individual clients.
In particular, we are the manufacturers and direct importers of Bourbon Vanilla and spices from Madagascar.

Our company is distinguished by its extremely strong connection with our original homeland in the Sava region of Madgasacar, home to the finest vanilla plantation in the world.

The founder of the company is Edith Elise Jaomaza, who was awarded the title of "First Immigrant Entrepreneur of the Year" by Moneygram in 2010, and also received an award for "Innovation". This passion became Edith's metier, and today she supplies the finest patisseries, ice cream parlours and prestige Italian and international cooking schools.

The business underwent serious expansion following the awards in 2010, with increasingly intensive marketing of products from her homeland, a process which also improved the quality of life of partner cultivators in Madagascar.

I recently founded a cooperative to provide work for single mothers so that they could rediscover their autonomy and their dignity.

SA.VA and Atelier Madagascar operate nationally and internationally, serving companies and individual clients.

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